Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the item and brand, Mari Ari offers over 35 colors to choose from in a wide variety of shades and levels. For a list of our colors visit: to view our Color Ring. Or you can purchase a Color Ring (color ring product page) to help make the decision.

Yes, our extensions are made out of 100% human hair. However, it is recommended that you select the extensions in your same hair color to begin with, in order to avoid further chemical treatment. Most hair has already been through a chemical process, so bleaching or lightening the hair can affect the condition of the hair, just like it would affect the hair still attached to your scalp. If you must dye or color hair extensions you should buy a shade closest to your own hair color and then darken it to your preference. The less chemical applied, the longer any hair extension will last.

The I-Tip method is also known as the beading method. It involves tiny aluminum or copper beads created to hold the hair extension strand in place with the use of pliers. There is no heat or glue involved.
The Keratin U-Tip Extension method is commonly referred to as the “Fusion” method and is applied with heat and a pre-tipped adhesive on the hair extension strand.

The average head of hair takes between 4 and 6 packs (100 – 200 strands). However, depending on the length of the client’s hair, as well as the thickness this can vary.
Someone with a short bob, for example may use as many as 10 packs where as someone with shoulder length hair may only need 4.

Mari Ari’s Strand by Strand I-tip and Keratip packs include 25 to 60 strands per pack. The quantity depends directly on the hair length; the shorter the hair is, the more pieces the pack will include.
Each strand weighs approximately 0.8g – 1g.

Basically anything you would do with your own hair. From washing, curling to blow-drying, flat-ironing and coloring. It is important to follow our hair care guides to preserve the quality as long as possible. Please read our human hair extensions care guide for more information on the maintenance of your hair.

Yes! We strongly recommend using a hair extension loop brush (Shop for loop brush) in order to untangle gently and thoroughly. It is advisable to require each new customer to purchase one to ensure proper home care and maintenance of their hair extensions.

The single most important factor to ensure the hair is top quality is hair sourcing. All of Mari Ari hair is from Remy to Virgin Hair condition collected only from young and healthy people. After collection, the hair undergoes various quality control inspections and a mild purification process to ensure the longest lasting hair quality possible.