Basic Starter Kit

This is the list of items that come included in the Basic Starter Kit.

A total value of $400

Mari Ari Basic Starter Kit

Our expert instructors have selected each item in this kit as an essential tool in every hair stylist tool box.

Please continue reading this page to learn more about every single item in the Basic Starter Kit.

Mari Ari Hair Extension Master Class Textbook

More than 40 pages of exclusive content, with clear graphics and explanations designed to reinforce the information giving in our class.

We constantly review and update the content of this book accordingly to new technologies and trends.

Mari Ari Color Ring

A color ring is the most accurate tool to match the hair color of a person with the color of the hair extension and wigs. By comparing the hair of your client with the hairs of the color ring you can then order the correct color of the product.

Our ring comes with human hair samples of 30 of the most common colors, plus a complimentary 60″ tape measure.

Mari Ari Extension Tube Color Chart

This chart lists all of the different sizes and colors available for our Mari Ari Extension Tubes.

Using this chart, you can accurately match the color of your tubes with your client’s hair color making it quick and easy to place an online or phone order.

2 Sizes for Copper, 2 Sizes for Silicone, and 14 colors tubes professionally packed in a heavy duty, airtight, waterproof, plastic display.

Hair Extension Pliers

Surgical grade Stainless Steel pliers, for closing rings/links.

This professional pliers feature a convenient spring back mechanism and designed handlers for a good grip.

Pulling Loop

This tool is used for pulling hair through link/tubes.

This puling loop can be used for natural or synthetic hair. Aluminum Handle and wood handle.

Double Sided Pulling Needle

This Double sided pulling needle combines two tools in one!

With the plain tip side, you may part and separate the hair as needed and with the hook side, you may apply the tube or link for the application of the extension strand.

Stainless Steel handle.

Purging Tool/Fusion Iron

This purging tool is used for the application of Keratin U-Tip Strand by Strand Extensions. Delivers heat evenly and heats on both sides.

Intended for professional use only. 

Extension Copper Tube Large

The Basic Starter Kit provides large copper tubes, for practicing the techniques teach in the class.

Extension Copper Medium

The Basic Starter Kit provides medium copper tubes, for practicing the techniques teach in the class.

Extension Keratin Nail-Tip

The Basic Starter Kit provides keratin nail-tips, for practicing the techniques teach in the class.

Scalp Protector

Plastic Guards (Scalp Protectors) are used during the application of Keratin U-Tip extensions. They act as a shield to protect your clients’ scalp from the heat during the application of Keratin U-Tip.

Extension Tape Rolls

Pro Flex II A very popular hypoallergenic tape. Made with Urethane for a very flexible bond. Very popular with our hair extension customers.

Maximum wear (4-5 weeks). Depending on temperature, humidity, and body oils, they can last up to six weeks. Usually the most tacky, they require more skill to apply. Also known as Proflex.

Hair Extension Tape Taps

No shine maximum hold tape taps are specifically made for installing and keeping tape in hair extension in place. This tape with proper care will last for 4 to 10 weeks.

Use this tape for all skin weft, seamless, weft and tape in hair extensions.

Mari Ari Solvent and Gel Removers

Super strong Keratin glue gel remover for pre-glued pre-bonded
fusion keratin extension. Apply on bonded regions and use
flat nose pliers to break down.

– Wearing latex gloves during removal is suggested.
– For Professional Use Only

Practice Extension Hair

Tape In
Skin Weft

Quantity and texture of hair will be determined at the class.

Hair Stylist briefcase

Middle size, fashionable, aluminum case is perfect for keeping all your hair stylist tools.

This case features: Foam interior, 2 locks, carry handle and rubber feet.