Share your experience with others, let us know what you liked the most from our classes.

We can really upgrade our salon menu now. The class was really fun and informative.
Svetlana Lazarevic
Sugarland, Tx
I learned a whole lot in the spanish extension class. I am very excited to start doing extensions at my salon! The teachers are wonderful and I loved that they were bilingual too. Learning all new extension methods was very fun.
Maria Rios
Houston, Tx
The seminar was fun and very informative. The staff made it very easy for me to understand all the procedures. I look forward to taking the hands on class next month to learn even more.
Mel Bailey
Houston, Tx
The classes and intructions are VERY throrough. I like the fact that unlike other classes, more than one method is taught. I would definitely recommend the classes to other stylists and recommend the hair for my clients.
Connie Reid
Dallas, Tx
In the two days I felt like I was constantly learning but never had too much information at once. My favorite part was the Japanese Threading because it was the most challenging. I would definitely recommend this course to other cosmetologists.
Hannah Willis
I will admit that I am not a very fast learner. Thankfully, the instructors here were extremely patient with me and eager to answer all of my questions, (even the dumb ones). I feel very accomplished and can't wait to start doing extensions at my salon!
Joy Taylor
Atlanta, Georgia
I truly enjoyed the class. Being able to learn all these new and exciting hair extension techniques in a pofessional yet friendly environment was awesome. Everyone here is very knowledgeable and helpful. And their products are of superior quality as well. Mari Ari is the best thing that ever happened to me as a stylist. Thanks to them, I can now call mysrlf a hair extension specialist.
Laura Davis
Dallas, Tx
I am always looking for new ways to keep my salon menu fresh and updated. I am so thankful that Mari Ari offers these classes locally. All the other classes I found online were not even in Texas and they only offered training in 1-3 extension techniques. Mari Ari tought us more than 7 methods in a class of only 4 people with wonderful instructors. I am even leaving with a kit, a certificate, and a wholesale membership. I couldn't have asked for more. I look forward to taking the non surgical hair restoration class in the near future to add even more services to my salon menu.
Judy Wheeler
Houston, Tx
My experience with Mari Ari was wonderful! The staff was patient and friendly and had great tips and instructions. Since it was a small class we had a lot of one on one time with the instructor which was great. I will recommend this class to all my coworkers.
Maybeth Salinas
Houston, Tx
Excellent class, I feel ready to start offering extension services at my salon as of tomorrow! The instructors are very knowledgable and patient. I was very grateful that they only allow 4 people at a time to take the course giving us all the one on one time that we needed from the instructors. I would recommend this class to all of my fellow stylists.
Veronica Harper
Pearland, Tx
This class was amazing! Hands on- especially being able to do the steps over and over and not feel rushed while help was at arms length. I love the fact that we were shown more than just one way to do extensions in order to accomodate each client that walks in the door.
Lori McIntyre
Sugarland, Tx
I have taken several hair extension classes before, always leaving unsatisfied. Either because the instruction wasn't thorough enough, or because I didn't feel like I had gotten my money's worth since they would only teach me one method of applying the extensions. I must say that Mari Ari is the best place I've EVER taken a class from. I learned more than 7 methods of applying hair extensions and the explanations were very thorough on all of them.
Leslie Goodman
Las Vegas, NV
I like the fact SEVEN hair extension methods were taught. I am glad they provided a class manual with lots of useful information including release forms and service pricing. The instructor gave great recommendations.
Houston, Tx
I was having a difficult time bringing new clients to our salon. After discovering Mari Ari, I knew what the solution was.. Hair Extensions! This will bring a whole new clientele to our salon, especially since I had previously turned away a few hair extension clients due to lack of training. Excellent class!
Samantha Fray
Houston, Tx
After an extensive web search, I finally decided to go with Mari Ari for my hair extension training. And boy am I glad I did! I feel confident and super excited to add 7 types of extensions to my salon menu! I love that we received a complete kit with all the tools AND a wonderful discount off our future purchases.
Jennifer Anderson
Austin, Tx