Clip-In Hair Extension Quick Tips

It is not necessary to wash your extensions often. Shampoo hair extensions after 4-5 uses, or approximately ones every 2 weeks. If styling products are used, washing may be required more often.

Never wash your clip-in hair extensions while it is attached to your head, use a small tub or a sink to gradually submerge them, instead.

Your hair extensions do not receive oils from your scalp, like your natural hair does. Make sure that you pamper them with a deep conditioning treatment after washing. We suggest It’s a 10! Miracle Oil or Moroccanoil.

Let the clip-in extensions dry naturally by laying them on a clean towel or hanging them. Opt out of using blow dryers as often as possible, to reduce the amount of heat exposure. Do no store them in the bathroom or other high humidity areas.

Never sleep with your extensions clipped on! Sleeping with clip-in extensions on can cause hair loss by pulling your natural hair.

It is important to take very good care no only of your clip-in hair extensions but also of your natural hair and scalp. Hair extensions are clipped on to your natural hair, if your natural hair is weak and brittle, the weight of the extensions can cause breakage.